M/F Veronica Line

RouteLaid up in Vlore / Oplagt i Vlore
Building year1970
Building yardN.V. Werft Gusto, Schiedam, Holland (#755)
OwnerMedglory Shipping
OperatorVeronica Line
Length117,81 m
Breadth19,05 m
Draft4,39 m
MachineryJ & K Smit
Speed21 kn.
Number of passengers1.132
Number of beds68
Number of cars202
Port of registry?
FlagSt Kitts Nevis
Former namesTadla (2005-2007)
Tadla (2003-2005) - COMANAV
Laburnum (1993-2003) - TransEuropa Ferries
Pride of Hythe (1988-1993) - P&O European Ferries
Free Enterprise V (1987-1988) - P&O European Ferries
Free Enterprise V (1970-1987) - Townsend Thoresen European Ferries
Former ownersDexterson Shipping Co. (1993-2007)
P&O European Ferries (1987-1993)
European Ferries (1970-1987)
Sister shipsBSP III, Tag Al Salam,
    M/F Pride of Hythe

    Photo: Jeffrey le Feber (Calais, 1991)

    M/F Laburnum

    Photo: TransEuropa Ferries

    M/F Tadla

    Photo: Piet Sinke (Genoa 7/7-2005)

    M/F Tadla

    Photo: Mike Barker (Almeria 27/7-2006)