M/F Hellenic Carrier

Building year1976
Building yardKochi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan (#1191)
OwnerHellenic Seaways Maritime SA
Length147,5 m
Breadth22,61 m
Draft6,61 m
GT6.738 / 11.939
Machinery1 * MAN V8B52/55
Speed19,5 kn.
Number of passengers12
Number of beds12
Number of cars?
Port of registryPiraeus
Former namesHellenic Carrier (2009-2010) - Hellenic Seaways
Hellenic Carrier (2009) - Anek Lines
Hellenic Carrier (2007-2009) - Hellenic Seaways
Cielo trailer (2005-2007) - Hellenic Seaways
Cielotrailer (1999-2005) - Hellas Ferries
Tokyo Maru (1976-1999) - Nihon Enkai Ferry & Kawasaki Kinkai Kise
Former ownersMinoan Flying Dolphins (1999-2005)
Nihon Enkai Ferry & Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen K.K. (1976-1999)
Sister shipsTrader I, Italroro One, Italroro Three, Italroro Two
NotesSold in 2010, to scrapping in India.
    M/F Cielo trailer

    Photo: George Koutsoukis (Drapetsona 21/5-2005)